Top Jobs for MBA Graduates

According to the Bureau Labor Statistics, employment of business and financial operations occupations is predicted to grow 10 percent from 2016 to 2026. This is not only faster than the average for all occupations, but it also adds about 773,800 new jobs for business degree holders. This post dives into in-demand careers in business, top entry-level MBA jobs, and the best jobs by salary for MBA degree holders. 

In-Demand Careers in Business

With an increase of business occupations, there are many in-demand careers that currently require fresh talent. Specifically, these are careers in marketing, sales, and management. Positions which fall into these three broad niches include cost estimators, management analysts, market research analysts, training and development specialists, and event planners.

Employers in these fields are not only looking for candidates who function well as part of a team, but also those who prefer to work independently. So the great news is, whether you think of yourself as a team playing extrovert or as self-driven introvert, there’s a fit for you. 

Whether you lean to marketing, sales or management though, you’ll definitely need to be able to make strong, informed decisions, frequently solving problems along the way. 

Top Entry-Level Jobs for New MBA Graduates

Having an MBA degree is like having a fast pass at Disney World: You’re able to jump ahead. An MBA degree provides you opportunities to go further in both your career and salary.

Do You Enjoy Working With People?

Individuals who enjoy working with people thrive in the marketing and sales world. Management, sales, marketing, customer relations, and consultancy are all top MBA degree jobs for recent graduates. 

Best Jobs by Salary For MBA Graduates

According to the Department of Labor, individuals with business-related master’s degrees earn an average of 20 percent more than individuals who have bachelor’s degrees. With that said, keeping in mind top-paying careers is always beneficial. The following information is organized by the top three MBA concentrations with the best MBA jobs by salary. Note though that salaries will depend on your region of employment.

Do You Seek a Manager Position?

If you envision yourself having a manager role upon receiving your MBA, there are many positions to consider. These MBA jobs include human resource management, various technical public service positions, accounting, or a wide variety of marketing and product management roles.

Are You a Numbers and Data Person?

A candidate who enjoys working with numbers and data is generally (and significantly) sought after. MBA graduates who thrive on numerical analysis might consider a career as a financial analyst, business analyst, or data analyst, all of which are great entry level MBA jobs.

Strategic Management – Beginning Around $127,000

According to PayScale, MBAs with a specialization in strategy earned the most (ranked by mid-career salary) when it comes to MBA careers. Jobs include senior strategy manager, business consultant, and senior product manager. 

Technology Management – Starting Around $113,000

In the technology sector, management jobs don’t necessarily require that candidates have an MBA. However, this concentration provides great leadership skills. Jobs to consider are information technology manager and software product manager. If you’re shooting high, position yourself to move toward vice president of IT.

Finance – Hovering Up to $100,000

Finance is known as an MBA-heavy field — and for many finance jobs, it’s a requirement. Examples of these MBA jobs are chief financial officer, portfolio management, and senior financial analyst. 

Whatever your personal career goals or values, by stepping into a career in business, you’re placing yourself in a strong position. Pursuing an MBA degree can set you up for even more success and open that door of opportunity even wider. 

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