Schools with an Online MBA

The decision to apply for and take on an MBA program is a big one. The application process alone takes serious time and effort. Once you are in, the program of course takes up most of your time and requires a lot of fortitude to succeed. You are putting in a lot of time to find a program that is the best fit and will then spend a lot of time and resources on the program. Naturally, you likely want to find a program that puts as much effort or more back into the students education and the resources available to them.

The top MBA programs in the country are understandably incredibly selective. While those programs are possibly some of your top choices, it is also smart to consider other programs. Look at what each school offers within their programs. What specializations do they offer? What are their statistics for job placement? What resources do they offer in terms of networking, alumni programs or resources after graduation, and internship placement?

Are you, like many people now, considering an online MBA? For a lot of people considering an MBA it is difficult or impossible to consider quitting or reducing work while completing a degree. Further, some people possibly just do not want to stop working. According to U.S. News, “Public colleges and universities had the largest growth in online course enrollment between fall 2015 and 2016, at 7.3 percent…” For private nonprofit it rose 7.1 percent. Additionally, they also note that from the study 56.1 of students taking only online courses resided in the same state as their institution.

Whether you are considering a school in-state or not, online programs are increasingly popular. They allow for the flexibility of continuing work, focusing on family for those that need to, and any other responsibilities one has to balance.

Of course one of the biggest factors for many in deciding on pursuing an MBA: cost. Increasingly, there are affordable programs with many of them offering flexible study plans as well as more programs offering online options.

Check out our featured schools that also offer an online MBA option as well as a list of MBAs by state.