Featured Schools with an Online MBA

For many people considering an advanced degree, like an MBA, they have to also consider their current work situation and often their family as well. Often these factors make it difficult to consider earning an MBA in person. Thanks to the rise of online education, it is now much easier to consider a variety of MBA programs.

When you are considering programs to apply to, it’s important to think about the specializations, internship assistance, and various other resources that each program offers. Perhaps you live in or are wanting to work in Silicon Valley after earning an MBA. If so, the Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University might be the perfect fit.

To help you get started – we’ve compiled a list of some of the top online programs. Earn while you learn and gain the education you need to back your experience.

The Mason School of Business at William & Mary

Location:Williamsburg, VA

Length:24 – 36 Mos

The Mason School of Business at William & Mary offers a top tier, AACSB-accredited Online MBA program designed to transform its students into revolutionary business leaders. GMAT waivers are available for those who qualify.
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Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University

Location:Santa Clara, CA

Length:24 Mos

The Santa Clara University Leavey School of Business is proud to present an innovative, AACSB-accredited Online MBA program built in the heart of Silicon Valley. Take your career as a Silicon Valley Professional to the next level.
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California State University, Monterey Bay

Location:Seaside, CA

Length:18 – 24 Mos

California State University at Monterey Bay’s Online MBA students are part of a richly diverse, globally-oriented program. Whether you have entrepreneurial dreams or aspire to be a top executive at your company, CSUMB’s Online MBA program can help you achieve your professional goals. No GMAT required.
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Seattle University Albers School of Business and Economics

Location:Seattle, WA

Length:30 Mos

Seattle University’s Albers School of Business and Economics now offers a flexible, AACSB-accredited Online MBA program! With four annual starts and a mobile learning platform, the Online MBA program enables students to look for sustainable new solutions to complex, data-driven challenges without disrupting their professional or personal lives.
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University of Kansas School of Business

Location:Lawrence, KS

Length:27-36 Mos

The University of Kansas School of Business’ highly ranked and AACSB-accredited Online MBA program is meant to help working professionals advance their careers at their own pace and at a price they can afford. Become a part of a network of over 25,000 KU School of Business alumni. Rock chalk!
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Why Get an Online MBA?

Earning your MBA provides an invaluable opportunity to build your professional network and hone your business acumen for your future entrepreneurial endeavors. As society and business have evolved, so has the MBA and the need for that expertise. Today, the best online MBA programs strive to enhance candidates’ leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills, all of which are in high demand from employers around the world. In fact, MBA graduates made an average of 80% more than those who only had Bachelors degrees. Now, the best MBA programs allow working professionals to seize these opportunities and reach their full potential without interrupting their careers.

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