Online MBA in Marketing

Marketing is a broad term, but creatively and strategically, good marketing always seems to be in short supply. This is particularly true when new technology emerges seemingly on a regular basis, upending the current operating environment. Nowadays, consumers from virtually every walk of life expect the businesses with which they engage to have some kind of digital marketing presence – whether via e-commerce, social media, or both.

The continued rise of digital media demands that companies employ individuals with MBAs in marketing for designing, implementing, and overseeing various campaigns. Accordingly, the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects job growth in marketing to rise 10% from 2016 to 2026 – exceeding the expected 7% rise in total job growth across all occupations over that same time period. As one may expect, the median pay for Marketing Managers is above six figures.

An Online MBA in Marketing will help students master various skills and competencies related to areas like market research, brand development, and data analysis. This degree helps students build up their skill sets via a comprehensive curriculum that emphasizes the impact that marketing can have both on a single business and on a global scale. Earning a degree from a marketing MBA program will help professionals improve organizations’ marketing and overall performance.

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