Online MBA in Accounting

An Online MBA with a specialization in Accounting will equip graduates to enter a fast-growing field. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects job growth in accounting to rise 10% from 2016 to 2026 – exceeding the expected 7% rise in total job growth across all occupations over that same time period.

Additionally, as the economy grows, business across multiple industries and sectors will rely on accountants to prepare and examine financial statements. Furthermore, globalization over the coming decade may result in increased need for accounting expertise related to globally standardized financial reporting practices, international trade, and mergers and acquisitions.

Just as well, as the continued advancement of cloud computing automates routine accounting tasks like data entry, the advisory and analytical duties of accountants will become more prominent. In fact, graduates with online MBA in accounting are naturally suited to lead efforts to technologize accounting and financial functions as part of enterprise platform development.

This ever-changing business environment demands that employers hire individuals who possess both the accounting expertise necessary for solving complex forecasting and budgeting problems and the holistic knowledge base of an accounting MBA.

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