Online MBA in Finance

Finance is an increasingly complex business area. Far from just number-crunching, the world of finance offers its masters students plenty of opportunities to learn about topics ranging from global capital markets to relationship management.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects job growth in accounting to rise 19% from 2016 to 2026 – almost three times the expected 7% rise in total job growth across all occupations over that same time period. This makes sense, because as the economy grows, the need for individuals with an online masters in finance will grow as well.

As companies look to expand at home and abroad, capital raises and mergers and acquisitions work will always require dedicated expertise – and those with international business experience may stand out even more so. Likewise, as local businesses and other professionals consider their options in a growing economy, commercial lending and personal financial planning assistance will expand as people seek out loans and advice from finance professionals. Also, in the wake of the financial crisis in 2008, larger, “bulge-bracket” banks started to hire more in their risk management groups. Even as the economy has picked up steam, these teams have grown with the banks.

Financial expertise appears to be in constant demand. An Online MBA in Finance can enable graduates to stand out among their peers and elevate their career trajectories.

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