Nearly 20 million people live in New York state, a large percentage of them are located in New York City. The NYC claims many large businesses, which makes it an ideal place to study business. Due to proximity to many of these large corporations, many online schools in New York have close connections with these businesses. That said, students have access to many internship and career opportunities that can easily grow their professional network thanks to a large local alumni base. Many of these factors makes New York online MBA programs very attractive for online students.

Consider an Online MBA in New York

New York’s online MBA programs offers various pluses that schools in other states just cannot offer. All schools operating in New York state must be accredited, ensuring that you’ll receive the best education. If you are a resident of New York state you can take advantage of lower in-state tuition rates. Being local is also beneficial because many New York MBA programs include on-campus requirements.

Living in New York City can be expensive, but attending a school in NYC has many benefits that make it worth the price. It can help you connect with people who work on Wall Street, on Broadway, and in a number of local retailers and publishers. New York schools often employ local faculty and industry experts to teach classes, and degrees from these schools are recognized and well-regarded. Admission requirements are specific to each school, but most of the MBA programs require GMAT scores for potential applicants.

The Mason School of Business at William & Mary

Location:Williamsburg, VA

Length:24 – 36 Mos

The Mason School of Business at William & Mary offers a top tier, AACSB-accredited Online MBA program designed to transform its students into revolutionary business leaders. GMAT waivers are available for those who qualify.
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Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University

Location:Santa Clara, CA

Length:24 Mos

The Santa Clara University Leavey School of Business is proud to present an innovative, AACSB-accredited Online MBA program built in the heart of Silicon Valley. Take your career as a Silicon Valley Professional to the next level.
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California State University, Monterey Bay

Location:Seaside, CA

Length:18 – 24 Mos

California State University at Monterey Bay’s Online MBA students are part of a richly diverse, globally-oriented program. Whether you have entrepreneurial dreams or aspire to be a top executive at your company, CSUMB’s Online MBA program can help you achieve your professional goals. No GMAT required.
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Seattle University Albers School of Business and Economics

Location:Seattle, WA

Length:30 Mos

Seattle University’s Albers School of Business and Economics now offers a flexible, AACSB-accredited Online MBA program! With four annual starts and a mobile learning platform, the Online MBA program enables students to look for sustainable new solutions to complex, data-driven challenges without disrupting their professional or personal lives.
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University of Kansas School of Business

Location:Lawrence, KS

Length:27-36 Mos

The University of Kansas School of Business’ highly ranked and AACSB-accredited Online MBA program is meant to help working professionals advance their careers at their own pace and at a price they can afford. Become a part of a network of over 25,000 KU School of Business alumni. Rock chalk!
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MBA Concentrations for Students in New York

Online MBA Programs in Arizona

Online MBA in New York students can choose one of many specializations covering everything from innovation to human resources. We have picked two concentrations that are highly valuable in the New York market. New York is home to Wall Street, import and export firms, and a variety of major retailers, all of which have consistent needs for new employees with solid managerial and human resources skills. Many of these businesses are dependent on interacting with people, being able to skillfully work with and manage employees is an important quality to hold.

New York MBA Graduates Economy, Job, and Career Outlooks

Steadily growing for years, employment rates in New York are good, thanks in part to its several important industry clusters. Earning an online MBA in New York can help you pursue a career in some of the best sectors, such as front office and producer services, financial services, tourism, communications, and software and media services. Companies in these industries employ millions of people and will continue to grow as technology allows us to move away from manufacturing jobs and towards positions that need skilled labor.

Several industries thrive in New York due to the state’s long association with business, trade, and culture, especially in New York City. Wall Street, Broadway and major publishing companies continue to bring new opportunities into the state. All of this makes New York a haven for business, and a great place for graduates with an online MBA.

Top Employers in New York

CompanyIndustryHeadquarters City# of Employees
Ernst & YoungConsultingLondon231,000

Professionals with an advanced degree tend to earn higher salaries and have a greater earning potential over time. The investment in earning an online MBA in New York will pay off over your career.

MBA Careers in New York:

Compliance Officer

This person ensures a business adheres to laws that apply to industry standards and money-laundering or racketeering laws. They typically work within private companies, but are sometimes employed by the government.

Business Operations Manager

Business operations managers make strategic decisions to help companies succeed and operate as a cohesive whole. Positions are available within any industry and in a company of any size.

Financial Managers

Financial management is crucial for business of any size. Financial managers are responsible for accounting, creating profit forecasts, and other monetary tasks. They also ensure federal and state laws and guidelines are followed.

Medical and Health Services Manager

These professionals are key to the smooth operation of healthcare facilities large and small. They ensure these facilities operate efficiently and are kept up-to-date in terms of record keeping and legal compliance.


Accountants keep track of an organization’s finances and must be familiar with various regulations as well as detailed mathematical concepts.

Online MBA Programs in New York

The list below highlights the best online MBA programs in New York. Our ranking considers a wide variety of factors, such as accreditation status and affordability. Use the information to help determine which schools will prepare you best to achieve your career goals. Use this as a starting point, then you can contact the schools for more detailed information.

How to Select an Online MBA Program in New York


There are many significant considerations to make before deciding on an online MBA program in New York – these include factors explained above like cost, specialization, and concentrations. The following list is made up of some necessary steps to follow during the MBA program research process (in any state).


Student outcomes incorporate graduation rate, retention rate, the average debt student will take on, and overall student achievement with their degree program. Student outcomes do not ensure you will be pleased with a particular program but can help pinpoint a school’s pros and cons.


Practically every college or university posts tuition costs online. Additionally, you should research other college-related expenses like housing accommodations and meal plans (if you plan to study on-campus), official fees, and IT fees (for online students). You should also look into grants, scholarships, and financial aid that can offset some of the expenses.


Scheduling is crucial for students with other significant commitments, such as childcare or full-time jobs. Many online programs are self-paced; students in these classes are free to complete coursework on their own schedule. Synchronous programs (on the other hand) demand weekly online meetings with teachers and other students.


A large number of online MBA programs will include internships and capstone requirements ― and in many cases, students can obtain on-the-job training with real-world office experience. Look into the school’s industry partnerships, particularly regarding the field you plan to enter after receiving your MBA.


You should reach out to the alumni office at each school you are weighing and ask to be connected with previous students. These individuals can be great sources of information about education costs, life on (or off) campus, local tips, and other fundamental details for aspiring MBA students.