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best business degrees

Best Business Degrees

Business degrees and business majors have exploded over the past two decades, with many schools offering specialized tracks. Many young people seeking extended education are asking the same question. “I want to pursue a career in business, but which degree should I get?” There are so many to choose from. It can feel like an impossible task just narrowing down the fields that will be beneficial to you in the long run. That’s why we came up with our run-down of 5 of the best business degrees currently available.

Marketing Business Degree

Marketing is a broad term. If you pursue a degree in marketing then there is no doubt you will be educated on a wide spectrum of topics. In today’s business climate, marketing is essentially about maintaining a brand, creating a robust web presence through multiple channels, and leveraging technology. Within these goals, there are a number of topics you’ll want to become competent with. This includes:

  • Social Media
  • Pay per click advertising
  • Organic marketing/SEO
  • Brand marketing
best business degrees

Accounting and Business Management Degree

Accounting degrees will almost certainly never go out of style. The world needs accountants, and if you are naturally inclined towards financial analysis, then this degree could be for you.  Most universities that offer this degree will focus heavily on the basics of accounting (financial reporting, analysis, tax auditing, etc.), but will also teach leadership skills necessary for business management. This can make you an attractive candidate for future employers, as the mix of technical skills and general business knowledge will fast-track your resume to the top of the pile. Typical modules for this degree include:

  • Forensic Marketing
  • Corporate Finance
  • Business Taxation
  • International Developments in Accounting
best business degrees

International Business Degree

It should come as no surprise that International Business ranks as one of our top business degrees that those seeking education can earn.  In an increasingly global economy, there is no shortage of businesses looking to expand their revenue streams overseas.  Typically, a degree in International Business focuses on the following subjects:

  • International trade
  • International tariffs/taxes
  • Global economy trends
  • Currencies and exchange rates

Consider adding a second (or third!) language to your repertoire if you are pursuing this degree, as it can help you stand out from the crowd even further when sending out resumes.

Project Management Degree

Earning a degree in project management is another excellent choice, as current trends in the US economy show that more and more businesses are shifting towards project-based workloads.  As a project manager, you will likely be responsible for:

  • Coordinate schedules
  • Estimate costs
  • Create budgets
  • Risk analysis
  • Progress reporting

As you can imagine, this type of degree will prepare you for the workforce with both hard-skills and soft-skills alike.  Managing projects, and people, is not easy, so you will need to build communication and leadership skills alongside technical skills.  If you have already cultivated these soft-skills, but are looking to become a manager, then Project Management is definitely a degree to look into.

E-commerce Degree

Last but not least, we have E-commerce rounding out our list of the top 5 best business degrees you can earn. E-commerce has exploded on the global business marketplace, as businesses have found new and creative ways to reach their customer base. The internet and technology integrations have made this degree a very lucrative option, and employers are consistently looking for those who specialize in e-commerce to build out new revenue streams. With a degree in e-commerce, you will study topics such as:

  • Developing an online presence
  • Management of technology
  • Systems analysis and design
best business degrees

What are the Best Business Degrees?

As always, carefully consider all of your options, finances, and career planning before deciding on which degree to pursue. There are many different business degrees you can earn, and it all depends on what you see yourself doing in the workforce. Regardless of which business degree you earn, however, consider that you will be setting yourself up for success for many years to come. Check out our guides for more information!